Digitise Video Tapes

VHS video tape digitising

VHS Tapes £11.99 each   

Do you want to view your family movies from old VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, Super 8 and camcorder tapes  videos on smart TVs, phones or tablets? So easy to do once digitally saved to an MP4 file.

Camcorder Tapes

£11.99 each

Protect those very special family moments captured on your camcorder. Be it a wedding, a family holiday, your children's birthday parties - let us save this precious memories for many years to come. 


Videotapes have been around for years. It wasn't that long ago that they seemed to be just the best technology around and that it would be with us forever! It wasn't, VHS tapes are now obsolete. So the captured memories of births, christenings, weddings, holidays and more are trapped on tapes that we can no longer view! 

If you want to view the lost memories and want to save for the future, look no further! We digitise VHS tapes, camcorder tapes and discs and save them to MP4 files for easy viewing. Please note, we do not save to DVD anymore as most computers no longer have a disc drive.

Our Digitised VHS Tape Service

  • No charge if the tape is empty
  • Tapes longer than 2 hours in length will have an additional charge of £5 added 
  • All tapes saved as MP4 files and saved to USB or sent as a digital download

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VHS Tape Digitising FAQ's

How long will it take to digitise my tapes?

This really depends upon the number of tapes and the length of the tape. Each tape is saved in real time and cannot unfortunately be sped up. Happy to give an estimate for turnaround times.

What format are tapes saved to?

All tapes are saved as MP4 files

Will you scan my tapes back to me?

Yes we will. Everything that you had sent will be returned. 

Do you keep a copy of the digitised tapes?

We only remove blank footage (e.g. static, blank screens). This service is included in your conversion. If you are looking to edit your footage, you can read more on how to do so on our blog!

What if any of my tapes are blank?

Don't worry, we will not charge for any blank tapes!

Do you edit my tapes?

We remove blank footage i.e. static, blank screens, and is included in the service. This service is included in your conversion. 

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