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FAQ’s From Our Customers

Questions about our photo scanning service

We have compiled a number of questions that over time our customers have asked us about using our scanning service.

If you don't see the answer to your question or query, no problem, just send us a message using our contact form or or quick message section in our footer.     

Wha​t address do I send my order to?

Why don't you show your address in the website?

Not sure how many photos you have to scan?

Can you scan my images in order?

Can you put my scans into separate folders?

What is DPI? What resolution do I need?

Do you clean photos, slides & negatives before scanning?

Do I get my originals back

Will  you destroy my originals for me rather than sending them back?

Can I send my Photo Albums to you too?

What type of file format will I get back?

How long will it take to scan my images?

I have a rush order, can you help?

Do I get a DVD with my digitised image scans?

I need more than one DVD disc, can you send me extra copies?

Can you scan photos that have been taken by a professional photographer?

Will you crop and rotate my scans?

Will my photos be in safe hands?

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