Competitive & Great QUality Film Scanning

We are able to scan most sizes of processed negative film strips or frames or positive film strips. If you have any queries about your film, be it size, quality, file format or anything that you are unsure about, don't hesitate to contact us.

Best negative scanning service in the UK
  • Most sizes of processed film scanned  
  • Best quality dpi used based upon film size 
  • Film scans saved as jpg files - tiff format available
  • Dust removal  before and during the scanning process
  • Named folders if required
  • Digitised scans saved to USB or sent as download link

Our negative scanning service covers most peoples needs. We use high end scanners and software that gives fantastic quality scans.  We scan all sizes of film, the most popular negative size is 35mm in size and are normally in strips of 4 or 6. We also scan 110 & 126 instamatic film. 

  • Negative Film scan

  • pack & Send

Negative Film Strips

£0.30 a Per Frame

  • Our negative scanning service gives a high quality 3200 dpi resolution. See why we recommend 3200 dpi
  •  Higher or lower resolutions available if required
  • To remove dust, negatives are brushed & blown with compressed air. Infra Red (IR) software is used to remove any remaining dust during scanning
  • Negatives are scanned & saved as JPG files. Other formats such as TIFF available are available upon request
  • Each scan is cropped and correctly orientated. Further enhancements are then completed in Photoshop®. More about film enhancements below
film for our negative scanning serviceColour and Black and white negatives scanning service

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frequently asked questions

Why do you scan at 3200 dpi?

Following numerous tests, we settled on a scanning resolution of 3200dpi. Our tests showed that this was the optimum dpi level for our scanners to provide the very best digital scans for negatives. Higher or lower resolutions are available if required. Please note : we use differing dpi resolution fo larger or smaller negative film.

What enhancements do you make to negative film scans?

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Do you scan film sizes that differ from 35mm?

Yes, we scan most sizes of film, 35mm films the most common that people have. However, there are many other film sizes.

126 Film - used in the Kodak instamatics - 28mm x 28mm
110mm Film - 13mm x 17mm - very small and used in lower end and is not great for producing enlargements.
120 Film, 220 Film (Medium Format Negatives)

However, medium format includes a range of frame sizes from:

6cm ×4.5cm
6cm × 6cm
6cm × 7cm
6cm × 8cm
6cm × 9cm

We scan all of these but prices are not standard. Please contact us for a price relating to the size of film.

Save Your Memories Today Before They Fade Away!

Let us scan your photo albums and save to digital for you to view easily and share. We are very flexible to our customers needs, want somthing different to above, just contact us to discuss

We have a lot of VERY happy customers. Some have left their reviews about our scanning service on the independent Review website,TrustSpot.