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Have you got some photos that are damaged or torn? A picture of great sentiment, perhaps your mum and dad on their wedding day, or the one and only picture of you in your grandmothers arms?  It would be such a shame to just let these photos become more damaged and fade away.  At PicSave, we offer a photo restoration service to bring your photos back to life. We’ll repair and restore your photos to their former glory ready for you to view and share whenever you want.

Photo Restoration Prices

Because each photo and its damage will be different, we will need to see the photo(s) to give you an accurate price. The best way to do this is to either email a digitally scanned copy to us, or to safely package and post to us. Don’t worry – we will scan your photo(s) and return straight way!  Once we have received your photo(s) we will be in touch to discuss the level of photo restoration that would be required and give you an accurate price and estimated turnaround.

Sending Your Photo Made Easy

Just click on ‘Get free quote’ at the bottom of the page.

Here, you will be asked for your name, email address and a message. Under this is a box ‘Upload your photo’, click on ‘Choose File’ and search for the photo you wish to send. Double click on your photo and it will be added to the ‘Choose File’ box, ready for sending to us!


Light Restoration


Medium Restoration


Advanced Restoration


To give you an idea of prices, we have categorised our services into 3 levels:

Light restoration – from £5 – £10

Suitable for photos with small blemishes, fading and discolouration

Medium restoration – from £10 – £20

Where photos have damage such as creases, torn edges, marks and stains in the background

Advanced restoration – from £20

Covers photos that have damage to complex areas like hands, face, more severe or larger areas of damage

Call us today to discuss your requirements.  We will be happy to give you a quote and help you to repair precious memories. If you have a digital image of the photo you can email it to us for a quote at [email protected].  Alternatively, just call us at PicSave on:  07768 658347

Get a free quote 

It is easy to get a quote from us for a photo repair and restoration.

If your photo has already been scanned or digitised, simply upload your photo via the link below.
We will respond to you with a quote for repairing your photo to its original former glory!

If your photo is paper based and not already digitised and saved to your computer, no problem! Pack your photo or photos securely and send to us to review, scan and quote. Just remember to include your name, email address and telephone number so we can discuss your quote AND return your photo to you.

Complete your name, email address and instructions below and click on the ‘Choose File” which will take you through to your computer or device files. Find the picture that you want to be restored, once found, click on the photo file and the file will show below. Just click ‘Send’ and your file will be sent to PicSave.

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If your photo is paper based and not already digitised and saved to your computer, no problem! Pack your photo or photos securely and send to us to review, scan and quote. 


If you have any problems uploading your photo to us, we will do what ever we can to assist you, just drop us an email to [email protected].

We will attempt to assist wherever we can.

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