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  • Loose photos - everyday snaps - only £0.10 per digitised photo
  • Photos smaller than 2 inches or larger than A4 Scanned on flatbed
  • Framed, old, or large photos scanned on flatbeds - £0.30 per photo
  • Photo scans saved as individual jpg files - other formats available
  • Named folders included at no extra cost 
  • Digitised photo scans saved to USB, DVD or download link

Are your photos and memories just fading away? If they are gathering dust in your attic or risking dampness hidden in boxes at the back of a cupboard, then the answer is 'yes'. Disasters such as flooding also happen. Don't get caught out, let PicSave scan and save your treasured memories with our recognised photo scanning service.

Loose Photo Scans Or Flatbed Photo Scans

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  • Loose Photos

  • What to Expect

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Loose Photo Scanning

£0.10 a Photo

Our Loose photo scanning service is ideal for digitising family snaps and photos that you want to save for the future and share with family and friends. 

A loose photo can be categorised as any photo that is of ordinary photo paper thickness, larger than 2 inches up to A4 in size.

For loose photos, we use auto feeding scanners that are excellent for scanning quality. However, they are not suitable for any photo that is very small, fragile, or thicker than normal photo paper such as Polaroids. 

  • Flatbed Photos

  • What to Expect

  • pack & Send

Flatbed Photo Scanning

£0.30 a Photo

We scan the following on our flatbed scanners which give superb quality scans:

Photos larger than A4 or smaller than 2 inches

Photos on card or in cardboard frames

Polaroids and odd shaped photos

We can scan any size of photo on our A3 size scanners. If photos or pictures are larger than A3 - we scan in sections and merge together in Photoshop®.




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Scanning Estimate

We have a minimum scanning order policy of £15

Please contact us with details of your restoration project. Once we understand the detail of the project, we can give you an estimated price. Simply call or email.

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Useful Tips And Often Asked Questions

How long will it take to scan my photo order?

Great question! We normally turnaround photo scanning orders within 7 days from receipt. If, however,  there are thousands, t may take a little longer! 

Do you scan photos to any other format than jpg?

Yes we do! Let us know if you require anything other than JPG in the on-line order form comments section.

can you scan my photos in the order that I send them?

Yes indeed, we will scan your photos as best we can in the order that you send them. Occasionally a slip up may occur but this can easily be rectified on your computer.

Do you keep a copy of my digitised photos?

Yes, we keep a digital backup of both the original scans and the enhanced scans. We keep these for 28 days after payment and then delete completely.

i don't want my photos sending back, will you dispose of them for me?

We prefer not to, but we certainly will if this is what you require. We use a local secure shredding company and there is a charge depending upon the size and weight.

Do you ever use a customers photo scans on your website or for anything else?

No. We don't use any customers images. They are the customers property, besides which, we would be infringing copyright laws.xpress permission from a customer, which we would never ask for.

do i need to count my photos before sending?

Heck no! just give an estimation on the order form so you get an idea of how much your scanning project might cost you. We count as we scan so you don't need to.

I would like my photos in folders, can you do this?

Yes we can! Make sure you label your photo bundles or packets with the folder names that you require.  

Do you crop and rotate photos or do I have to do it when I get the scans back?

We will crop and orientate your photos. We'd love to guarantee 100% accuracy....but very occasionally, we may not be able to determine the correct oreintation. Should this happen, you should be able to easily orientate on your computer.

Some of my photographs are a little risqué, is this a problem?

Not a problem  We can scan your risqué photos if you want us to. We will not however scan anything that is illegal.

I have a rush order for my photos, scans, can you help me?

Absolutely, if you are in a hurry and need a quick turnaround, we can offer an Express service for a small premium. Just contact us if you need this service.

How should I pack my photos to send to you?

Pack your photos in a secure well padded box with plenty of tape to secure! Please read our information page about packing scanning order safely.

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