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Our Photo Scanning Service

Do you have photo memories hidden in the attic, boxes or cupboards that you'd like to keep safe? Our photo scanning service can help you transfer your treasured prints and slides into digital format. 

With our high end scanners and software, we can achieve great quality scans. Our aim is to always ensure your invaluable moments are safely preserved for you, family and friends to enjoy now and in the future.

digitising old photos
  • Choose Loose or Flatbed Service
  • Choose 300 or 600 dpi resolution
  • Scanned as JPEG files
  • Rotated for easy viewing
  • Colour & contrast correction where needed
  • Option for a download - great for sharing!
  • Option to save files to a USB
  • Named Folders FREE for over 50 or more photos 
  • Option for Express Service if required

So Which Service Do You Need for Your Photos?

With our loose photo scanning service, we use auto feeding scanners. These scanners are great for the majority of photos, but not all!  We have a number of flatbed scanners that we use for everything that requires a little more care.

Loose Photos from 10p

  • Everyday snaps e.g. family gatherings etc
  • Photos larger than 2 x 2 inches
  • Photos smaller than 8 x 11 inches (A4)
  • Standard photo thickness with nothing stuck to the back!
  • Photos WITHOUT sellotape, paperclips, staples attached   
  • Photos WITHOUT glue, bits of album pages, stickers or post-its etc on back side of photos

Flatbed Photos from 35p

  • Photos larger than A4, up to A3 or smaller than 2 inches 
  • Photos on card or in cardboard
  • Old and fragile photos needing extra care
  • Polaroids and odd shaped photos
  • Documents, letters, notes,  newspaper articles
  • Bigger than A3? We can scan in sections & seamlessly merge, e.g. old school photos. From £15

300 or 600 dPI Resolution?

Good question! Dots per inch (dpi) is a tricky one and very much a personal choice. Photographs normally have 300 dots per inch to make up the image.
Scan at 300 dpi & we replicate an original printed photo in terms of dpi and size if you needed to print. A 600 dpi scan has 600 dots per inch. Twice the size of the original photo. Great if you ever want to print a copy larger than the original photo size.
Our scanning process takes much longer to process at 600 dpi hence the increased cost.

300 DPI in Summary & Price:

Are you intending to save & view your digitised photos on a computer, TV, mobile device?  300 dpi should be more than adequate.

600 DPI in Summary & Price:

If you are archiving photos or intend printing at a later date - 600 dpi is probably the resolution for you.

Want Your Photos Organised in Folders?

We can do that! Simply put your photos into clearly named and labelled bundles and place in envelopes, plastic bags or secured with elastic bands. File names cannot exceed 20 characters. Longer titles will be shortened.

Folders with 50 or more photos in it are FREE.  49 photos or less will have a  handling surcharge of  £1.00 per folder added to the invoice once scanning has been completed.

What Will It Cost To Digitise Your Photos & Slides?


Thanks for placing your order. You will receive an email shortly with a copy of you order and the address to send it to. Please check your junk mail if not in your in box!

Scanning Estimate

We have a minimum scanning order policy of £35

Please contact us with details of your restoration project. Once we understand the detail of the project, we can give you an estimated price. Simply call or email.




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Return Packaging & Postage

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Scanning Estimate Cost - Summary

The final estimated price is :

Order Summary

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Discount :
Total :
What we appreciate!
  • Copyright held by sender or permission given from owner
  • Sort Photos into similar sizes where possible
  • Photographs all facing the same way
  • Loose photos & flatbed photos clearly divided into separate bundles
  • Polaroids removed from loose photos
What we can’t scan - unless  you're using our flatbed service
  • Sellotape on any photos 
  • Blu-tack on back of photos
  • Paper Clips attached to photos
  • Photos stapled together or with note attached
  • Photos with any sticky glue or gum on th back

What Our Customers Have To Say About Our Service.....

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Why Choose Us to Digitise Your Memories?

Quality Service :

 We pride ourselves in delivering a fantastic quality scanning service for each and every one of our customers. See our customer reviews.

Excellent Value :

Our prices give great value for money. We are a home based business and without huge overheads we can offer prices that reflect this! 


We aim for a speedy turnaround of scanning projects. Completion is normally within 5 working days dependant upon order size.


We have great equipment, bespoke software, years of knowledge and expertise. All this allows us to deliver our customers a 5 star service.

Preserve Your Precious Memories with Our Digitising  Services!

Whether it's a stack of old photos, slides, negatives or other media, our services can help you preserve these memories for years to come. We use the latest equipment to ensure the highest quality scans and we offer different options for format and resolution. With us, you can easily share your newly digitised memories with family and friends where ever they are in the world!


Scans Completed


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