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Our Slide Scanning Services

Our slide scanning service is the easiest and most cost-effective way to convert your 35mm slides and medium format slides and film into digital images. We'll scan your slides in an optimum resolution, so you can feel confident that you’ll be getting the highest quality digital copies of your prized pictures.
Preserve your slides now and  and share your slides without worrying about them fading over time  

Slide scanning service
  • Monochrome and colour slides mounted in card, plastic or glass
  • Scanned at 3200 dpi resolution
  • Scanned as JPEG files
  • Colour & contrast correction & rotated where needed
  • Dust reduction with static brush and compressed air
  • Option for a download - great for sharing!
  • Option to save files to a USB
  • Named  folders for just £1

Slide Scanning Service - Which Service Do You Need for Your Slides?

Standard Slides 35p each

  • Slides that are 35mm, 110mm and 126mm
  • Slides mounted in 2x2 inch card, plastic or glass holders
  • Colour and Black & White positive film slides

Medium Format slides £1.20

  • Slides that are 120mm, 127mm
  • Slides mounted in card, plastic or glass larger than 2x2 inch
  • Colour and Black & White positive film slides 

Dust on Slides is the Enemy!

We brush each Slide with anti static brushes and blow with compressed air to remove as much dust as possible.

Slides are magnets to dust and no matter how much cleaning is done, there will always be a small amount remaining when scanned. We do as much as possible to keep this to a minimum.

Is 3200 DPI Resolution Enough?

Why 3200 dpi on slides?

Extensive scanning & research has proven 3200 is the optimum for the commercial scanners we use.

3200 dpi  also ensures that customers receive high quality resolution files that are manageable in terms of file size. 

 What Will It Cost To Digitise Your Slides?


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Scanning Estimate

We have a minimum scanning order policy of £35

Please contact us with details of your restoration project. Once we understand the detail of the project, we can give you an estimated price. Simply call or email.




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Preparing Your Slides For Sending

Just a few tips that will help us to get the best digital scans of your slides:  

What we appreciate!
  • Send slides in boxes, bundles tied with elastic bands or carousels 
  • Visible dust & dirt removed before sending
  • Slide bundles and slide boxes with clear titles or numbering for naming digitised folders 
What we can’t scan - unless  you're using our flatbed service
  • Damaged slides, mouldy or excessively dirty slides
  • Broken slide holders
  • Slides in plastic protector wallets (please remove and bundle - handling fee will be charged otherwise)
  • APS film canisters
Very good reason to digitise your slides now

35mm Slides were once a really popular way to capture family snapshots, perhaps family birthdays, weddings, holidays and more. The problem today is actually viewing those precious memories.  You need a working slide projector which most people either don't have or don't want the hassle of digging out and setting  up with a screen to view.

We convert 35mm slides to digital using the best equipment and software to give customers the highest quality.  By digitising your slides, you can view and enjoy your memories easily. Better still, you can view your digitised images from any device whenever you want to.  No more dust on your slides, no more fading of colour, your images are now saved and safe for the future and generations to come.

Slide Scanning - with and without our enhancements
35mm Slide digitised with no enhancements 35mm Slide digitised with enhancements

As standard, we enhance customers slides where necessary. Many 35mm slides degrade and discolour as they age. They also attract a lot of dust. We will correct colour casts, contrast, brightness and exposure.

All slides will have a degree of dust some old slides may have fungus growing ion the film. All depends upon how the slides have been stored over the years. We will remove as much dust as much as possible with compressed air and scanning software. 

Click here to see our FAQ's for help with packing and sending your Slides to us.

What Our Customers Have To Say About Our Service.....
Why Choose Us to Digitise Your Memories?

Quality Service :

 We pride ourselves in delivering a fantastic quality scanning service for each and every one of our customers. See our customer reviews.

Excellent Value :

Our prices give great value for money. We are a home based business and without huge overheads we can offer prices that reflect this! 


We aim for a speedy turnaround of allscanning projects. Completion is normally within 5 working days dependant upon order size.


We have great equipment, bespoke software, years of knowledge and expertise. All this allows us to deliver our customers a 5 star service.

Preserve Your Precious Memories with Our Digitising  Services!

Whether it's a stack of old photos, slides, negatives or other media, our services can help you preserve these memories for years to come. We use the latest equipment to ensure the highest quality scans and we offer different options for format and resolution. With us, you can easily share your newly digitised memories with family and friends where ever they are in the world!


Scans Completed


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