Slides & Film from just 30p

We scan just about all sizes of slides & film, both large and small! It is so much easier to digitise your slides and view on you TV or computer. Better than hunting for the elusive slide projector!

Digitise now and we'll help you to safeguard your slides & film from any disaster like mould, floods, fire.

Slides 30p a slide  

We scan any 2 inch slide whether mounted in cardboard, plastic or glass. Slides include Kodachrome, Ektachrome & many other brands, we scan them all. Read more

Negative Film 30p a frame

Developed strips of film, normally cut to 4 or 6 frame, colour or black & white are scanned. Superb quality scans normally achieved from film. Read more

Medium Format Film £1.20 a frame

We scan medium format Film which is 6cm wide and between 4.5cm up to 9cm in length. Scanned 120 film quality is normally excellent.  Read more


With our regular slide scanning service, we scan all slides that are mounted into 2 inch card, plastic, glass or metal holders. Film size may vary, but that is not a problem to us.

Rest assured, we will scan the whole film area, unlike some companies who can only scan 35mm. They crop off both the top and bottom off any film larger than this.

We scan slides at an optimum resolution of 3200dpi. At this resolution you can be sure that we have captured as much detail as available from the film. 

If you have any questions about our slide scanning service, please do not hesitate to call us to discuss.

What can you expect from our slide scanning service?

  • All slides scanned at 3200 dpi - higher resolutions available
  • Slide scans saved as JPG files - other formats available  
  • Files saved to USB, DVD or digital download
  • Slides saved to named folders for FREE if you require
  • We brush each slide with anti static brush & blow with compressed air to remove dust

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useful tips and often asked questions

How long will it take to scan my Slide order?

Good question! It really depends upon how many slides are in an order. We would expect to turnaround an order of several hundred within a week. Larger slide orders are likely to take longer but we would always let customers know how long a large order might take. 

Do you scan slides to any other format than jpg?

Yes we do! Let us know if you require anything other than JPG in the on-line order form comments section.

Will you scan my slides in the order sent?

Yes! We will always endeavour to do this. Occasionally a slip up may occur but this can easily be rectified on your computer.

Do you clean slides and negatives before scanning?

Yes we do. We try to eliminate as much dust as possible pre-scanning. We lightly brush each slide with a Kinetronics anti-static brush to dislodge dust particles then blow each slide individually with compressed air. If your slides are very dirty or have mould or fungus, we recommend cleaning them thoroughly before sending them to us. We can provide heavier cleaning for dirty slides but unfortunately we would need to apply an additional charge based upon how bad the slides or negatives are.

Do you use digital ice?

We used to but it can often badly distort things such as eyes  and nostrils. It also softens an image removing detail such as buttons on a coat, telephone lines against the sky etc. Our view is that it's better to a little bit of dust than to blur or distort an image. Any obvious dust missed in the pre-scan clean will be removed when we check and enhance the scan in Photoshop.

Do you keep a copy of the slide scans?

Yes, we keep a digital backup of both the original scans and the enhanced scans. We keep these for 28 days after payment and then delete completely. 

Can you dispose of my original slides if i don't want them sending back?

We prefer not to, but we will if this is what you require. We use a local secure shredding company and there is a charge depending upon the size and weight.

Do you ever use a customers scans on your website or for anything else?

No. We will never use any customers images. They are the customers property, besides which, we would be infringing copyright laws.

do i have to count the slides before sending?

No! Life is too short for that!  A full and accurate count takes place as we scan and we will send you an invoice for the actual numbers scanned.

Can you put my slide scans into named folders?

Yes we can. Just make sure your slides in separate boxes or bundles and add a title for the folder name.  

Do you crop and rotate slides or do I have to do it when I get the scans back?

We will crop and orientate your slides. We'd love to guarantee 100% accuracy....but very occasionally, we may not be able to determine the correct oreintation. Should this happen, you should be able to easily orientate on your computer.

Some of my slide pictures are a little risqué, is this a problem?

We can scan your risqué photos if you want us to. We will not however scan anything that is illegal.

How should I pack and send my slides to you

Pack your photos in a secure well padded box with plenty of tape to secure! Please read our information page about packing scanning order safely.

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