Slide scanning service for all 35mm slides convert to digital

 Slide Scanning Service

  • Slides scanned from only 30p per frame 
  • We scan most slides at a high definition 3200 dpi as standard 
  • Film scans saved as individual jpg files - other formats available
  • Dust removal prioritised before and during the scanning process
  • Named folders included at no extra cost
  • Digitised scans saved to USB or download link

Film slides were great in their day, really popular for storing family memories, holiday snaps, weddings, birthdays and more. Back in the day if you had slides, you had a slide projector but not nowadays. 

This is where our slide scanning service comes into its own! We convert slides and negative film to digital to bring back all those fabulous memories. Once digitally saved, you are ready to view on whatever devices you want to, whenever you want to. 

Our Slide scanning service IS ONE OF THE BEST!

  • 35mm slide Scan

Slide Scanning

£0.30 a Slide

Our standard size slide scanning service can handle all film slide sizes that are in a 2in x 2in cardboard, plastic or glass frame (please note - glass encased slides charged at £0.65 per scan).  

  • Quality resolution of 3200 dpi resolution. Higher resolutions are available if required
  • Slide Scans are saved as JPG files. Other formats such as TIFF available if required
  • Files and folders saved to your choice of USB or Digital download
  • If required, Slides are saved into FREE named or dated folders
  • Dust  removal pre and post scanning (more details)
  • We crop and make colour adjustment, contrast, exposure and more adjustments as part of the scanning process. 
Slide scanning service that digitises all slide sizes and formats
  • Medium Format

Medium Format Slides & Negatives

£1.70 a Slide

Any film larger than 35mm will be scanned as Medium Format. Any slide larger than 4cm x 4cm mounted in card, metal frame or glass with taped edges will be classed as Medium format.

  • Quality resolution of 2400 dpi resolution. Higher resolutions available if required. 
  • Medium Format scans are saved as JPG files. Other formats available.
  • Files and folders saved to your choice of USB or Digital downloads
  • Scans saved to named or dated or numbered folders for FREE folders if required 
  • We crop and make colour adjustment and contrast adjustments as part of the scanning process.
  • Files and folders saved to your choice of USB, DVD disc and Digital downloads

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