Slide Scanning Service

 35mm Slide & Negative Scanning

We offer a very popular slide scanning service that is affordable and gives great quality. For customers wanting a negative scanning service, no problem, we do this too!

Slides and negatives rarely get seen unless they are digitised. If you have any hidden away and perhaps forgotten what memories they contain, let us help by scanning them for you. We have many delighted customers who can now view their digitised slides whenever they like. Be able to share the memories is such a bonus.  See our FAQ's for slide sizes.

Slide Scanning Service

35mm slides ready for our Slide scaling service

Slides 35mm - £0.25p per slide

Back & white and colour slides that are 2"x 2" plastic or cardboard mounts can be scanned using this service. Not sure how many you have? Best guess is all that is needed. We will get an accurate count once scanned. 

  • 3200dpi resolution as a minimum
  • JPG files saved to USB, DVD or file download
  • Saved to File names if required (FAQ's)
  • Cropped, colour, noise & contrast corrected
  • Pre-scan  clean with compressed air for dust
  • Need something different? Just contact us

Negative Scanning Service

negatives ready for our negative scanning service

Negatives - £0.30p per frame

Negatives can give a much better quality scan of a photo if you have it available. 

We scan negatives at a high quality resolution that will give you as good a quality as your original photo. Negatives are normally cut into strips of 6, therefore 6 frames. 

  • 3200dpi asa minimum
  • JPG files saved to USB, DVD or file download
  • Saved to File names if required (FAQ's)
  • Pre-scan clean with compressed air for dust 
  • Cropped, colour, noise & contrast corrected
  • Need something different? Just contact us
The Process is Easy
place an on line order with picwsave


Place an order online

Sort out your old slides or negatives that you want to have scanned. Count or give an  estimate of the number of slides or negatives to digitise. Simply use our online order form to place an order. Don't worry about paying upfront for your order, pay only when we have fully completed your scanning order. We will send you an email with an attached invoice as soon as we have completed the scanning order.

pack up slides and negatives for scanning


Send us your slides or negatives

Carefully package  and secure your slides and negatives in preparation for sending (see our packaging tips on our FAQ's page). Send your parcel  to the address sent to you on the 'confirmation of your order' email. We recommend  a tracked delivery service such as Royal Mail Special Delivery or Signed For service. Larger parcels can be sent using  a trusted courier company such as Parcelforce or UPS. Visit parcel2go to get some great rates. We will let you know the moment your package arrives with us.

negatives and slides ready for scanning


We scan your slides or negatives

We now do what we do best! Your slides or negatives are scanned, colour correct, cropped and rotate with noise reduced and contrast levels corrected. After this we save them in a folder (or named folders if specified - see our FAQ's for more on named folders). We will email you the moment we have completed your scans and attach an invoice detailing costs. Once payment has been received, your digital slides scans or negative scans will be saves to disk or USB and sent straight back to you. If you choose a download copy, a link will be sent also.

scans returned to happy customers


You view & share!

You now have long lost memories saved in to a digital format. It is now easy to view them whenever you wish . Share with family and friends easily. Read our article about 'Future proofing your digital photo scans' So now, all that is left is to enjoy!

Satisfaction Guaranteed Service

Don't put it off any longer, make sure your photo memories don't just fade away! Just click to start your order today!

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2 x 2 inch plastic or card slide mounts.


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SLIDE Scanning Faq's

Do you use Digital Ice when you scan slides?

Many of my slides are very faded, can you help restore the colours?

Can you put my slide scans into individual digital folders?

How long will my slide scanning order take?

What is DPI & why do you scan at 3200 dpi as​​​​​​ a standard?

How much does it cost to get my slides scanned?

Where do I send my slides and negatives for scanning when I have packaged them up?

Do you clean my slides?

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