Agreement to Our Terms and Conditions:

By sending your photos, albums, slides, negatives or other images, you agree that you are bound to and will comply with the terms and conditions below.

PicSave reserves the right to change or revise their terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice or consent of its customers. Any changes to the terms and conditions will be effective immediately.

Please note, these terms and conditions do not affect the customers’ statutory rights.

Payment & Pricing

Payment for services, namely, scanning of individual photos, scanning of photos within an album, scanning of slides and negatives or digital image restoration and repair is requested upon completion. An invoice will be sent electronically to customers requesting payment. Once payment has been received by bank transfer, the digital scans will be sent back on a USB stick, DVD or download link as per customers requirements along with the original photos, slides, negatives or albums.

If delivering your own order to PicSave, payment will be required as follows:

By bank transfer prior to pick up or cash upon pick up.


Customers are responsible for making arrangements for their own postage and associated costs incurred with sending their order to PicSave.  Return postage for a customer order is additional to the service order cost and will be included in the invoice price. All orders will be shipped back to customers using either Royal Mail Signed For or a Courier Delivery Service such as UPS, DPD, Parcel Force, or similar. 

PicSave cannot be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage to any photographs, slides, negatives, images or albums in transit between the customer and our premises.  Unfortunately, no monetary value can be placed upon photographs, for insurance purposes, therefore, no claims for compensation resulting in loss, damage or theft will be considered.


Cancellation of any order may be made by email to [email protected] or by telephone. If a customers order has commenced, then the customer will be liable for part or all of the costs incurred including return postage.

Turnaround Time

We aim to complete orders within 7 days. However, during busy periods or depending upon the size and complexity of the order, this could be longer. 

Photographic Content & Security

By using PicSave services, customers recognise and agree to full ownership and responsibility for the content of their photographs. The photographs remain your property at all times; as do the copyright and ownership of the images themselves.  You, the customer, are solely responsible for making sure that all photographs and images do not infringe any civil or criminal law. This agreement relieves PicSave of any copyright infringement and the customer agreement to the statements in this document acknowledge and indemnify PicSave against any legal costs incurred or damages assigned.  It is the customers sole responsibility to ensure they risk no copyright infringement.

PicSave will not process any illegal, offensive, visually abusive or inappropriate content. 

All photos, slides and negatives and scanned images remain the property of the customer. PicSave will not use, sell or share any images on their website or with any third parties.

All digitally scanned images will be permanently deleted 28 days after an order has been completed. Customers should ensure a full backup of their digital images has been made within the 28 day period.


PicSave shall not be liable to any damage or malfunction of the original source material, which occurred prior to submission to PicSave.
PicSave cannot accept responsibility for any items that do not arrive at the PicSave office.

All businesses run the risk of fire and theft or malicious damage and loss of original material. We take every opportunity to protect your original items from these threats and as such, we cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss or destruction of your property whilst on PicSaves premises. Placing an order with PicSave means that you accept these terms.


In the very unlikely event of a customer complaint, all communications should be sent directly to [email protected]. PicSave will seek to correct the problem. Any consideration to be made by PicSave in the form of a refund or costs incurred shall be strictly bound by the maximum value associated with the costs incurred by the customer, with no recourse for any additional level of compensation.


Customers agree to indemnify PicSave against any charges due to unforeseen copyright infringement of material supplied to PicSave.

Privacy Policy - GDPR
See Our Privacy Policy - GDPR (


By using PicSave and their services, customers confirm that they own the copyright or have the permission of the copyright holder to have the photos scanned or duplicated. In the unlikely event of damage or loss whilst the property is in the possession of PicSave, there will be no liability accepted by PicSave. PicSave will not be held liable for any damage that might arise from our scanning process.  PicSave will not be held liable for any loss or any damage associated or sustained whilst in transit to or from the customer.

The information contained on the website is provided by PicSave in good faith. To the best of PicSave's knowledge, the information is accurate and current, however, PicSave do not make any warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information.